Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we buy antiques?

We get numerous phone calls every day asking this very question, and the answer is ‘yes’ we do buy antiques.  If you have smaller quantities of items, you just bring them to the Wagon Wheel. Often the dealer on duty may make you an offer and purchase your items from you on the spot. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and discuss your items before you bring them to the store. For larger quantities, you can make arrangements for a qualified dealer to come to your house to examine your items and make you an offer. It’s always a good idea to email photos of your items to [email protected] and our qualified staff will review your photos and contact your regarding a possible purchase.

Do we deliver?

The Wagon Wheel is made up of over 20 antique dealers who occupy space  in the various buildings.  Depending on which dealer you purchase an item from, they may be equipped to deliver your purchase themselves, or we have several delivery specialists that we will refer you to so you can make arrangements with them to deliver your purchase.

Do we ever have space available for me to sell my antiques at the Wagon Wheel?

Yes!  As dealers come and go, or change spaces, often space is available for new dealers to occupy.  Currently, we do have space available.  You can call the Wagon Wheel at 724-898-9974 for more information.

Do we sell gift certificates?

Yes we do.  Gift certificates from the Wagon Wheel are a great way to give a gift to someone special when you don’t know what they would like.  You can stop by the Wagon Wheel and purchase gift certificates in any amount, or you can call and make your gift certificate purchase by phone and we’ll mail you the certificates.

Can I get my antiques appraised at the Wagon Wheel?

No, we do not do certified appraisals.  However, we do have many qualified dealers at the Wagon Wheel who will be glad to give you a valuation of your items in terms of the offer they would make you provided you are wanting to sell them.  Call the Wagon Wheel for more information.  724-898-9974.